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Preventive Tips . Flying Insects
Flying Insects


Keep your dumpsters and other outside trash receptacles far away from your house and try to keep them cover as tightly as possible.

If you have compost or other manures keep them away from your premises as flies will breed often in these areas.

Use water + bleach to clean down counters and mop floors. Flies are attracted to sweets. Make sure any messes from food in the kitchen are cleaned quickly. Also clean well down drains and sinks regularly.

Make sure to take your garbage out on a regular basis before it starts to smell.

Check your windows and ensure that there are no gaps in your screens and that the screen frames close well with their fitting. Try not to keep doors and windows open too long.

Use Fly control units and traps. This is an effective control as part of the integrated pest management. Unimar has the appropriate items designed for all type of premises.


Stagnant water is the main breeding site of mosquitoes. Containers, pots, buckets, tires, garbage tins or anything that can hold water need to be empty and clean.

Clean your pool frequently.

Make sure your window screens are well maintained.

Unimar is your ultimate solution of home and business protection and health from all household pests, pest-related threats, and maintenance of a pest-free environment.
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