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Preventive Tips . Crawling Insects
Crawling Insects

Wash everything with soap and water. Clean your entire apartment or living space down to the very last surface.

Vacuum your house thoroughly, making sure to use the fitting attachments to reach cracks and crevices, and get ceilings, furniture, and throw rugs. This should be done on a regular/weekly basis. For bedbugs, vacuum well the mattress and other furniture and make sure you reach the area between the frame and the other part of the mattress.

Seal any cracks or gaps between pipes (gas and water), walls, baseboards, cabinets, and counter tops. Closing these areas will let insects to crawl and live somewhere else.

Weather-strip windows and doors to prevent the migration of any crawling insect from outdoors to indoors. Mending any broken or torn window screens is also a good idea.

Store your food and garbage in seal-able, insect-proof containers, making sure to take your garbage out on a regular basis before it starts to smell.

Always remove dead cockroaches and other insects as their eggs continue to develop after (the female's) death. These eggs can provide food for other insects. Use disposable gloves or tissues when handling dead insects

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