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GreenPM SM

The GreenPMsm certification is given towards implementing a Green Pest Management program complying with multitude of qualifications to ensure that you receive a safe and cost worthy service that takes care of your premises by eliminating the risk to yourself and environment.

What is Green Pest Management?
Green Pest Management (GreenPMsm) is the new era of Pest Management and the future trend to supersede the conventional Integrated Pest management (IPM). The GreenPMsm standard goes beyond the requirements of traditional IPM, to achieve efficient and high pest control with lowest risk on environment and humans. The application procedures include highest number of inspection and monitoring, more mechanical, cultural and biological control methods using green products.

In GreenPMsm we target pests that directly and indirectly affecting human health by transferring disease and not related to any insect which assist in the biodiversity role. The GreenPMsm program doesn't affect any greenery, plants or trees; our concern is to preserve nature and environment.

 GreenPMsm Certification

Unimar in association with M/s LibanCert - Quacerta an organic inspection and certification body with ISO 65 accreditation that is known worldwide which is competent to grant a product certification based on the firm audit and evaluation to the product and service system in place.

Once you enroll in the GreenPMsm services, you will be entitled to receive a GreenPMsm certificate for the service period authenticated by the seal of M/s LibanCert - Quacerta based on the regular audit and evaluation to the GreenPMsm system standards implemented by Unimar.

Now you have the only certified Green Pest Management in the Middle East, its easy, healthy, and cost worthy...

Hire Unimar, Go Green...

Unimar is your ultimate solution of home and business protection and health from all household pests, pest-related threats, and maintenance of a pest-free environment.
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