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Ratproof SM
Targeted Pest

Rats and mice

Targeted Properties / Materials

All inhabited buildings, food processing and preparation areas, filth and garbage disposals, sewer lines and tunnels, cables and electric cabling tunnels, paper and wood manufacturing and storage areas, . . . etc.


Several techniques of controlling rats and mice are adapted to obtain an optimum solution for rodent infestation by applying Baiting with state-of-Art anticoagulant rodenticides in different forms: pellets, cereals, soft bait and wax blocks placed in protective tamper proof and marked bait stations. Integrated Trapping with modern devices and tools which Unimar is the first to adopt for a total rodent proof remedy.

Unimar is your ultimate solution of home and business protection and health from all household pests, pest-related threats, and maintenance of a pest-free environment.
Umm Hurrair - Near DEWA main office
United Arab Emirates