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Pre-Construction Termite Proofing


Horizontal surface treatment :

An aqueous solution of termiticide is prepared and applied at a specific rate by means of pressure spraying horizontally to the foundation bases, sub slab plinth area (slab on grade) prior to casting the concrete slab and after the compaction of soil or gravel.

External perimeter trench treatment :

A trench is to be excavated around the external perimeter of the foundation base (concrete slab) in a depth of 40 cm and width of 30 cm from slab where to apply aqueous solution of termiticide at a specific rate by means of pressure spraying onto the trench. In case of building structure with basement, the perimeter trench application shall be around the slab of the ground level.

Vertical Surface Treatment :

The back fill soil surrounding the building and or the external walls from the basement to the ground level is treated as a vertical barrier. An aqueous solution of termiticide is prepared and applied at a specific rate by means of spraying, rodding and injecting to the linear surface in a width of 30 cm from boundary wall on each 100 cm depth of compacted back filled soil.


Where water table is high :

On the horizontal surface where water table is high, the treatment shall be applied on top of the lean concrete and not on compacted soil. This chemical barrier will not be in contact with the existing high water table. Anticipating that within the forthcoming years the water table might go down which in such a case, the chemical barrier is recommended to prevent the infiltration of the subterranean and Formosan termites.

When is the best time to protect your building against termite damages? Definitely at pre-stage of construction.

  • Study your structural drawings.
  • Calculate bill of quantity.
  • Put together an appropriate scope of work.
  • Propose a comprehensive and state of the art procedures of application.
  • Submit an economical estimate.


In this, Unimar guarantees the protection against termites attack. Periodic re-inspection is vital to maintain complete protection. If termites come back within the warranty period, we'll re-apply control measures again for Free.

And Finally

Unimar provides you with accredited international warranty certificate which could reach up to 20 Years.

Unimar is your ultimate solution of home and business protection and health from all household pests, pest-related threats, and maintenance of a pest-free environment.
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