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Termite Proofing & Control

Subterranean Termites, a sophisticated society of destructive geniuses

A colony of subterranean termites is made of a queen, king, soldiers, swarmers, workers & supplemental reproductive. The colony in the soil is not destroyed; it is perpetuated by the supplementary reproductive. The swarming process to form new colonies is always repeated in the spring and fall of each year.

The queen burrows into the ground to reach the moisture line, hatches nymphs which they become workers. These workers are the destructive geniuses that cause hundreds of millions of dollars damage annually as they gather their food. Termites are very resilient, before you know it, termites construct mud tunnels and tubes and make their way from their colonies in the soil to the structural timbers of building, searching for food anything made of cellulose, i.e. wood works, carpets, door boxes and frames, even the furniture in your home or business and the books on your shelves and valuable business records and merchandise.


Unimar emerged as the first in its field to introduce an application system to control termites, while competitors were still puzzling over termite activity. Unimar was far ahead, already applying its own unique program for exterminating those tiny, under estimated insects that can eat you out of your house and business.
That's where Unimar comes in two applications of treatment.


From the outside, a piece of wood can look as sound as the day it was nailed in place. But without even showing their ugly face to the world, termites can be diligently at work inside a timber or stud, eating away at its structural strength. Only by careful inspection of your property by trained professionals can damage of this sort be co covered. And early detection is the best way to prevent extensive termite damage.


Wood can look structurally sound outside but be damaged inside.

Many people are victims of a very costly mis-believe that concrete slab construction protects them from termites. Or that termite won't strike a concrete building. Quite the contrary is true. Termites can go through a concrete slab swiftly. The most common way is to just go right up a pipe that penetrates the slab. Or build their own mud tunnel around the footings, through expansion cracks in the slab itself, through cracks in footing mortar joints, or through hollow concrete block footings.

No type of construction is safe from termite attack.

  Horizontal surface treatment : An aqueous solution of termiticide is prepared and applied at a specific rate by means of pressure spraying horizontally to the…
  Some buildings are constructed in ways that make them extremely vulnerable to termite attack. Things like geographical conditions and structural members of wood siding and frames that touch the ground are open invitations to termites. sealed…
Unimar is your ultimate solution of home and business protection and health from all household pests, pest-related threats, and maintenance of a pest-free environment.
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