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Public Health Pest Management

Health of mankind and the environment has been the world's focus over the last decades. Health is not only being classified as the biological aspect of man but it is the combination of the physical, social as well as the mental well being. Several criteria affect our health today, mainly contamination in all its phases and it is a well known fact that pests are major transmitters of diseases and they cause damage to health, property and environment through water and food contamination.

Unimar had and will always have one and only one concern and that is the well being of man and his environment. All through the past years, it has dedicated itself to achieve and provide what is best for human health through the provision of the most appreciated techniques and materials that would have the least effect on the biological, physical and mental healthiness of man.

Let's take a view on what Unimar provides to ascertain goal.

  • A thorough survey, adequate estimate and cost effective and comprehensive proposal, free of charge are conducted by our professional sales consultants.
  • A detailed, scientific and technical inspection report is submitted along with our proposal evaluating the pre-status of the premises and suggested post-scope of work custom tailored through Unimar's service systems.
  • A comprehensive service program and schedule is specifically customized that keeps your premise free from unhealthy pests around the clock and to protect it from all sort of food contamination, poisoning and or materials and property damage.
  • An illustrative report is periodically prepared by our entomologist that shows the progress of service in terms of findings, pest infestation and adopted control measures in conjunction with good hygiene and sanitation practices as per the HACCP requirements and SSOP procedures.
  • Implement an ultra safe and scientific treatment, through our service systems geared by our qualified service technicians and engineers.
  • A guarantee of service is provided soon the customer becomes on Unimar's board assuring a broad and prominent protection to health, food and property.
  • Elite customer service officers are ready to promptly attend to our customer's requirements, respond to their queries, advise the ultimate solutions and arrange the appropriate recommendations.
  • Implement IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system adapted to the Middle   East region environment.

Unimar has superseded all other companies by improving its Pest Management Program and has designed new systems of services which are considered to be a revolution in the field of pest control. These systems have been registered internationally under (SM) Service Mark and as copy right for Unimar . . .

Service Systems:
A special injection and baiting systems exclusively designed by Unimar to be used with a gel bait and compressed liquid formulation products and applicators to tackle German roaches, ants and other crawling insects in cracks, crevices and harbor places. It is ultra-safe, less hassle, less spillages, odorless and harmless to human beings and domestic pets.
Using ultra-safe pesticides and materials, low toxicity, odorless or low in odor, environmentally friendly, deodorizes with a Lavender fragrance producing a fresh scent atmosphere indoors. Applications are performed in the form of spraying, brushing, painting and trapping equipped with low and power pressure spray.
Several techniques of controlling rats and mice are adapted to obtain an optimum solution for rodent infestation by applying Baiting with state-of-Art anticoagulant rodenticides in different forms: pellets, cereals, soft bait and wax blocks placed in protective tamper proof and marked bait stations. Integrated Trapping with modern devices and tools which Unimar
Using several methods of applications in controlling flies and mosquitoes at larvae and adult stages. In the form of ground spraying (low and power spraying) on breeding sites of filth, garbage disposals, swamps and open sewer lines. Space spraying (Ultra Low Volume [ULV] System which
An ultra-safe, low toxicity, odorless, non-staining and environmentally friendly treatment applied on mattresses, bed frames, bed head boards, wardrobes, upholstery, carpets and in cracks and crevices
An ultra-safe, low toxicity, odorless, non-staining and environmentally friendly treatment applied on targeted nests and infestation with the possible use of extension equipment for hard to reach areas.
A surface spraying application is designed in using an agrochemical, which is safe to vegetation and environment.
A special herbicide is used to general and selective weeds as a pre and post emergent weed proofing.
An effecting and long lasting repellent to get rid of poisonous pests, such as snakes and scorpions, to the outskirts and fencing areas.
Adopting a unique and humanitarian technique in the form of Hunting (Tranquilizing) system and safe trapping which was endorsed by the Geneva accord and exclusively provided to Unimar in the region as the accredited pest management company.
An ultra-safe fumigant is applied in the form of vapor method, Unimar uniquely implemented in control of stored products insects which causes no hassle, no odor and no stains to products or furnishing objects.
Adopting a special and combination of systems (Insjecta, Safespray and Aquafumigta) applying Aqueous solution which is safe, to inhabitants, odorless, and non-staining to objects and furniture.
Unimar is your ultimate solution of home and business protection and health from all household pests, pest-related threats, and maintenance of a pest-free environment.
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