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Ants are among the most prevalent pests in households. They are also found in restaurants, hospitals, offices, warehouses, and other buildings where they can find food and water. Once ants have established a colony inside or near a building, they may be difficult to control.

There are over 12,000 species of ants throughout the world.

Inside a building, household ants carry on sugars, syrups, honey, fruit juice, fats, and meat. Long trails of thousands of ants may lead from nests to food sources, causing considerable concern among building occupants. Outdoors they are attracted to sweet, sticky secretions, or honeydew, produced by soft scales and aphids. Frequent outbreaks of scales and aphids occur when ants tend them to obtain their sweet secretions because the ants protect scales and aphids from their natural enemies.

Ants may affect man adversely by stinging and biting, by invading and contaminating food, by nesting in lawns, golf courses, by gnawing holes in various types of fabrics, removing rubber insulation from telephone wires, killing young poultry, birds, livestock?and possibly transmitting certain human diseases in crawling over sputum, feces, . . . etc.

Unimar is your ultimate solution of home and business protection and health from all household pests, pest-related threats, and maintenance of a pest-free environment.
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